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Smart Sourcing Solutions provides extensive knowledge of direct material sourcing to businesses looking for ways to save money without losing quality. Our job is to provide the right supplier, product, and experience based knowledge that will assist your business with money saving solutions that doesn't compromise your goals, integrity, and standards.

Let us invest our time for your maximum saving. 




The foundation of Smart Sourcing Solutions is based on the problem solving principles of engineering.  We take an engineer’s approach to solve the sourcing problems your company is facing.


The plan is tailored to the problems your business is facing. Whether you’re facing a tangled supply base, bloated inventories, or products with rising costs... we'll put a plan together to solve these problems. Click the link for a few examples of how the plan could look for you.


What is Smart Sourcing Solutions?

Quite simply, we're a company who brings new ideas to the table to generate massive cost reductions while maintaining or even improving quality.

This company was born to help small businesses spend their money more efficiently. 


How do we do it?

By blending together many years of engineering and sourcing experience to find the best total solution for whatever problem your manufacturing company is facing.


We know the sweet spots for many of the manufacturing process in terms of volume, design requirements, capability, aesthetics, quality, and capacity.


Maybe you have a weldment that really should be a die casting?


Maybe you have a vacuum formed part that should be injection molded?


Maybe you're buying some of your production parts from suppliers like McMaster Carr and Grainger?  This isn't breaking news, but if you are buying production parts from those two, you're getting robbed.

Do you have opportunity to automate? It doesn't take as much volume as you may think to automate certain assemblies.  

What are the results?​

The end goal for any project is to reduce spend while maintaining quality.

The results can take the form of reduced inventory, moving parts to a more efficient supplier, moving to a more efficient process, or simply negotiating better prices with a current supplier using market data.

There are many, many different ways to solve problems, we have the requisite tools to help your business.



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