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Cost savings can take the form of many things.  A few examples: Moving work from supplier A to supplier B, negotiating a lower price with the current supplier based on cost models, and reducing lead times which leads to reduced inventory.


Engineering projects typically yield the biggest cost savings.  Parts can be casted instead of machined, injection molded instead of vacuum formed, stamped instead of welded.  Cost can be reduced in many cases more than 50% and often substantially improving quality.




If you have a dozen suppliers for a certain commodity segment, there may be opportunity for consolidation.  This allows for a louder voice at the bargaining table and better customer service.


If you have a supplier who's been a thorn in your side, we can put a plan together to transition that work to another supplier without disrupting your day to day operations: saving your precious time and money.



Are you getting peppered with price increases?  Many times they're unfounded.  Smart Sourcing Solutions can help reduce, avoid, or even in some cases turn increases into savings for you.



While you will never see a line item tied to quality and integrity on a PO or invoice, everything Smart Sourcing Solutions touches is rooted in these values.  If quality isn't maintained on a cost saving supplier move or engineering project, it's not a cost savings... it's a cheaper product.


If we act without integrity, we're putting you in a positon to fail as trust will be questioned from all angles.

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