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Monday Morning Monologue: Do you have suppliers you love?

Good Morning!

Do you have suppliers that are rock solid? Are they delivering high quality parts on time? Are their representatives personable and easy to work with? Most manufacturers have a handful of suppliers who fit this category.

While it’s a wonderful thing to have suppliers you can trust, it’s OK to check them occasionally.

I’ve seen several circumstances where a supplier is performing so well, the buying firm stops competitively quoting against them.

The supplier starts landing every RFQ they’re given.

Their sales person recognizes he/ she is batting a thousand.

Then- without the buyers awareness- the prices quoted start getting a little more sideways with every part. Years go by. All of the sudden tools made in China are costing more than tools in the US. I’ve seen this happen.

Please, if you have a few suppliers who are doing a great job… check them. Make a conscious effort to quote them against a few suppliers on new jobs and send a few of their existing jobs/ parts out for quote as well. The odds are good they have a competitor who offers great products at a great price with great service.

Have a great week!

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